‘We are not Bob the builder’, SAns women anthem.

 ‘We are not Bob the builder’, SAns women anthem.

South African women took to Twitter challenge the advise that they should build their men and belive in his hustle. ‘We are not Bob the builder’, was the anthem they sang

They refuse to take their own tools to build a man and believe in his hustle without assurance that he will, in turn, build them up when he’s made it. So now women are saying that they are tired of being like the tool weidling, Bob.

This began when a twitter user used Kwesta and Priddy Uglys relationship to motivate and encourage women to build their men.

Dee_Kay wrote, ‘Kwesta started dating he’s wife when he was still a nobody
Bontle modisella used to pay for Priddy ugly’s studio when Priddy was still broke
Lesson behind this: ladies build your man and grind & hustle with him, believe in his dreams regardless of his background and his situation’.

Her advice was not well received as it was followed by men advising women to run away from men who need to be built.

Many tweeps used Tyler Perry’s movie, Acrimony, to drive their point on why women shouldn’t be Bob the builder to anyone but themselves.

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