Dj Zinhle launches face masks!

 Dj Zinhle launches face masks!

Dj Zinhle is the epitome  #SebenzaGirl. Everything she touches turns into gold and we can’t help but stan. Dj Zinhle and her 5-year old daughter, Kairo are set to launch their own brand of face masks today.

When she made the announcement that she will be launching  face masks today, her fans were ready and some asking if he will be delivering in Limpopo.

Earlier ths month, Dj Zinhle collaborated with Locknville  ft Apple Glue in a hit song titled, ‘Miracles’.

The song was well recieved by fans and they haven’t stopped raving about it.  Here’s to many more boss moves by Dj Zinhle.

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