Zenandes response to fan has Twitter split!

 Zenandes response to fan has Twitter split!

South African model and actress, Zenande Mfenyana came under fire when she used profanity against a fan who offered her unsolicited advice.

When Zenande shared a picture of her already packed hospital bag and expressed how excited she was, a fan saw this as Zenanda asking for help.

The fan slipped into Zenande’s DMs to offer some comfort as both are mommies-to-be. The fan told Zenande that she understands how hard it is to be bullied over your appearance as an expecting mom and that Zenande is doing a beautiful job and once the baby arrives, she will go back to normal. The fan also touched on how she was and still is bullied by her family but she takes no offense because her family has a sense of humor. She ended the message by telling Zenande that she will be praying for her to have a safe delivery.

The message was not well received by Zenande. ‘I’m not Lala.i’m not you. I never said I’m not embracing my pregnancy. Just coz you laugh about it I don’t find any of it funny. Your message is not welcomed at all. Please keep your opinion to yourself next time”, Zenande replied to the fan,

Their interaction doesn’t end there. The fan then goes on to tell Zenande that not everyone is out to attack her and that her message comes from a good place. She then told Zenande to calm down.

‘Tsek’ was Zenande’s final response to the lady who gave her unsolicited advice.

The lady took screen shots of their interactions and shared it. Now Twitter is split on whether Zenande was rude or she was justified, what do you think?


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