Stogie T bashed for an insensitive tweet!

 Stogie T bashed for an insensitive tweet!

A queer thread on Twitter ended up with Stogie T being accused of being homophobic.

Twitter user, Simpiwe Ndlovu posted a picture of himself with the caption, South African queer boys let’s go. Groups of South African men and boys joined the thread posting pictures of themselves.

Stogie T saw the thread and his comment is what led to him being called homophobic and insensitive. He asked if the queer boys in the thread were, ‘gay gay‘, before saluting them for living their truths and cementing his allyship to the LGBTQIA.

Stogie T has since apologized for any misunderstanding and hurt that his careless words might have caused. He also shared a screenshot of him personally apologizing to Simpiwe and Simpiwe telling Stogie T that his comments were offensive but he is glad that Stogie T reached out made things right.

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