Sthandiwe Kgoroge shares her battle with Covid-19

 Sthandiwe Kgoroge shares her battle with Covid-19

Actress Sthandiwe Kgoroge opened up about her fight with COVID-19 this past weekend. The former Generations star was diagnosed with the disease in June. She is currently in self- isolation.

She shared her journey through recovery on Instagram. Sthandiwe said the process is lonely and difficult. “I don’t have enemies but if I did, I wouldn’t wish this on them. This virus hits at all your vital organs, everything,” she posted.

The star said she is glad that her family members do not have the virus. “I thank God the rest of the family is clear. I’ve been self-isolating. It is lonely, but God lives and I know for a fact this, too, shall pass.”

The entertainer said she is able to keep going through prayer. She also shared the medication and vitamins she is currently taking to aid her recovery.

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