Tracy Zille preaching to black people!

A Twitter account by the handle, Tracy Zille has been trending for two days in a row on Twitter for preaching to black people.
Tracy Zille introduced herself to the world by sharing a story about Khanyi Mbau allegedly spending R10k a month to maintain her skin lightening procedures. Tracy accused Khanyi of self-hate and self racism. She questioned the whereabouts of the Black Lives Matter movement when a black woman is bleaching her skin to look and live like a white woman.

On her second day of service to black people, Tracy Zille targeted Bonang Matheba and black women in weaves. She made a bold assumption that black women who love weaves do not appreciate their natural hair and they will cry if white women stopped selling their hair. Hallelujah!
She had a congregation of black people in the comment section urging her to go deeper, GO DEEPER Tracy and boy did she go deeper, Jesus!

Yes, Tracy came for Jesus Christ. She tweeted that Jesus was white and not black.
‘Chinese pray Budha, Arabs pray Mohamed, Whites have JesusBlacks, tell us where is your own Black messiah?’, Tracy tweeted. The discussion about the race of Jesus Christ has been going on for years now because of representation matters. Depicting Jesus as a white man is dangerous because it gives the impression that white people are superior to black people. Tracy made it clear that she gathers her information from social media platforms and does little to no research.


Tracy has some beef with black women because in one of her other tweets she claims that white men are stressed because black women are throwing themselves at them. ‘Our boys are hot and fit unlike those ANC crooks with big fat stomachs from tenders. White women are not suffering from sexual starvation’, Tracy proudly informed us about the sexual lives of white women.

While her posts have been cringy and some funny, it seems Twitter has had enough of Tracy Zille. Her identity and authenticity are being questioned, some claiming that Tracy is a black person behind a white avatar,
Here are some of Tracys’ tweets. Do you think Tracy is a black person behind a white avatar?

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