Alfred Ntombela Facts: 8 Things You Need To Know About ‘Leon Schuster movies’ actor

 Alfred Ntombela Facts: 8 Things You Need To Know About ‘Leon Schuster movies’ actor

Alfred Ntombela

Alfred Ntombela is a highly acclaimed actor who has made his name on Leon Schister’s movies. He has continued to endure, much to the delight of millions who have watched his movies.

So what is his story? What did it take to get to where she is now? Here are 8 little-known facts about Alfred Ntombela.

1. When was Alfred Ntombela born?

Alfred Ntombela was born on 03 April 1972.

2. What is Alfred Ntombela’s nationality and place of birth?

Alfred Ntombela was born in in Vosloorus, Ekhurhuleni in the Gauteng province of South Africa.

3. Who are Alfred Ntombela’s parents?

Alfred Ntombela’s mom left his father while pregnant, she abandoned baby. She left his dad before he was born since his father was an albino and she feared she would be ostracized by the community for having a child with a white man. When he was a few weeks old, his mother abandoned him, and his mother’s uncle’s wife took him and raised him as her own.

4. Is Alfred Ntombela married?

Alfred Ntombela is married to Promise Malatjie Ntombela.

5. Is Alfred Ntombela having chidren?

Alfred and his wife are blessed with two (2) children.

6. When did Alfred Ntombela rose to fame?

Alfred Ntombela rose to fame in the early 80s, when he starred in the kids television series Jabu Ikhaya Labantwana.

7. How many movies has Alfred Ntombela starred in?

Alfred Ntombela is a South African actor best known for his collaboration with Leon Schuster, appearing in such films as Oh Shucks! Here Comes UNTAG, Sweet ‘n Short, Mr Bones, Oh Shucks, I’m Gatvol!, Mama Jack, Mr Bones 2, Schuks Tshabalala’s Survival Guide to South Africa and Mad Buddies. Other films he has acted in include Alec to the Rescue (1999) and Copposites, in 2012.

8. How tall is Alfred Ntombela?

Multiple sources claim that Alfred Ntombela is 121.1 centimeters or 1.211 meters.

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