Willard Kastande addresses men and the role they play.

 Willard Kastande addresses men and the role they play.

Professional football player, Willard Kastande shared a video of him speaking against Gender-Based violence.

Willard, who plays for Kaizer Chiefs and Zimbabwean midfielder shared his message in a 1:05 video. The video addresses the current headlines of South African men raping, killing, and abusing women and children. He goes on to tell men that their job in society is to teach their sons how to treat women. Willard ended the video by challenging his colleagues to break their silence about Gender-based violence.

A look into the comment section, one can see why the abuse of women and children in South Africa and many African countries, is now referred to as femicide.
We still have African men who believe that clothing contributes to the abuse, rape, and killing of women but its good to see that we also have many more who see women as human beings and not as possessions or pets.

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