DJ Speedsta opens up about his alcohol addiction

DJ Speedsta is giving a candid interview about his struggles with alcoholism. The 27-year-old award-winning DJ opened up about alcohol addiction in a discussion on SlikourOnLife, he told his co-hosts, Ms Cosmo, Scoop and DJ Vigilante, how back in his time he felt the need to drink every weekend just to pay his dues.  “I drank like ten-years […]Read More

Emtee drops new single titled ‘Prayer’

Emtee is back with a brand new, amazing single called “Prayer”! The 26-year-old  rapper sounds comfortable with whom he is, rapping lines like, “They want punchlines, like the shit I’m making is whacked,” and “It’s too late, now I’m feeling myself, no matter how it go, I ain’t killing’ myself.” On the song he explains how hard it was for […]Read More

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