Adult twitter users trolling 5-year old!

Cassper Nyovest announced that he is will become a father any minute now and he will name his album, Any.Minute.Now (A.M.N). His album is set to drop on September 11, 2020. Casspers timeline was flooded with congratulatory messages and trolls saw this as an opportunity to troll AKA via his daughter, Kairo. Mzansi is well […]Read More

AKA feeling presidential, refer to him as Senator Mega!

South African rapper and entrepreneur, AKA seems to have his eyes on  the presidential seat of South Africa. In a series of tweets, AKA shares what he will do if he becomes the president of South Africa. Here are a few things AKA said he will do if he became president of South Africa. 1. […]Read More

Somizi must fall OR Somizi must rise? [WATCH]

Twitter is torn over Somgagas’ recent video where he condemns Black Twitter. Somizi Mlhongo took to twitter to share his thoughts about black twitter and its toxic reputation. In the beginning of the video, Somizi is telling black people that there is a way [out], he made reference to his own mother as an example […]Read More

Riky Rick apologises to Sizwe Dhlomo

The South African hip-hop industry is always filled with drama. Riky Rick had tongues wagging when he posted a clip apologising to Sizwe Dhlomo this past week. The rapper issued the apology after he had been involved in a Twitter conversation between AKA and Sizwe regarding Supa Mega’s Reebok dilemma. Riky said he had an […]Read More

Carpo and Cassper are brotherhood goals.

Cassper Nyovest is Mzansis’ favorite celebrity. He started out with small crowds and went up to fill up stadiums. This type of success comes with its own challenges so having a brother or friend in your corner helps. Cassper has been involved in many online fights with his nemesis, AKA, and also dragged in any […]Read More

AKA claims to not have received any payment from Reebok

AKA shocked the country this Thursday. The rapper claimed that he had not received any payment for his collaboration with Reebok on his 2019 SneAKA collection. In a series of tweets, the Jealousy hit maker said he has not received a single cent. Can you believe they didn’t pay me a single cent for this? […]Read More

Cassper joins Tik Tok -WATCH!

Amidst being taunted online by AKA to sign a contract and fans asking him if his beef with AKA will ever end, Cassper seems unshaken. He recently shared with his fans on Twitter that he joined Tik Tok and shared a video lip-syncing to a hilarious song. Mufasa is clearly not letting any negative energy […]Read More

AKA apologizes for using a homophobic slur.

In his series of rampant twitter posts, the Megastar found himself having to apologize for a homophobic slur he used to insult Cassper. Today he issues an apology claiming that he didn’t know the word was a big deal but he now understands why it’s unacceptable. I’d like to apologize to anybody offended by my […]Read More


AKA and Cassper are major rappers in South Africa and they haven’t seen eye to eye for years after AKA insulted Casspers mother. Now AKA wants to settle their beef in a ring and he is taunting Cassper on Twitter to sign the contract will see both of them in a boxing match in September. […]Read More

Shade and Regret – AKA

We all know that Cassper and AKA have been beefing for years and there’s a high chance that the two rappers might never see eye to eye. When videos of AKA crowd-surfing gone wrong emerged on social media, Cassper was quick to sub AKA. Mufasa bragged that’ his people will catch him’. Fans of AKA […]Read More

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