WATCH: Moonchild puts South African radio stations on blast

Moonchild has had it with South African radio stations. The hitmaker took to Instagram to speak up about radio stations allegedly not playing her new song Askies because of it’s reportedly racy lyrics. In the video Moonchild accuses the stations of having double standards. She said they play songs that objectify women all the time. […]Read More

Moonchild to get back to perfoming after surviving malaria

Moonchild was recently in hospital with a case of malaria. She was hospitalized for four days after being diagnosed. The 32 year-old contracted the disease while performing in Malawi. She talked to the Sowetan about her ordeal. “It was scary. I remember telling myself there is no way this is going to come out and […]Read More

Moonchild Sanelly and Lunatik team up for new single ‘Dlala’

South African musician Moonchild Sanelly has joined forces with hip-hop producer Lunatik on a banging new single titled ‘Dlala.’ Moonchild Sanelly was featured on the Beyoncé’s produced and curated album  “The Lion King: The Gift”. Lunatik has produced hit songs which includes “CaraCara” by K.O and Moozlie’s “Vatel” among others. The single is now available […]Read More

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